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Export – QualitiC helps you toward your international success

Will you launch yourself on the international market? In Europe or overseas?

There are many things to be organised. Don’t be surprised on the legislation topic or by a lack of experience or knowledge, that may lead toward a blocking and destruction of products. Your efforts to conquer other markets will be in vain.

Prepare yourself to several scenarios. Visit the website qualitic4u.fr and in the category Product export you will find:

  • 8 articles about international quality assurance
  • 8 situations with risks of blocked products
  • 34 tips to avoid these pitfalls

QualitC helps companies to be efficient in the export process and by preventing frequently made (expensive) mistakes. Hereunder is a list with the proposed services to help you to implement the necessary elements for your serene launch on the export markets:

  • The instant translation of international customer audits.
  • The translation or filling of the export documents.
  • Help with obtaining the required certificates.
  • Advice on the prevention of product blockings which generate high costs, disturb your supply chain and decrease the customer satisfaction level.

Do you wish more information? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with QualitiC.